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December 2019
Spaces Queen W
7pm 9pm

What's fair in the age of #Metoo?

Join the Bad Girls on December 9th to sit down with powerhouse journalist and 'Had It Coming' authorRobyn Doolittle, to get the full and unbiased picture of the 2017 movement that sent shockwaves around the globe. A conversation led by journalist Hannah Sung.

What's equally impactful as Robyn's 20-month-long investigation into sexual assaults in Canada? Our panel of women joining us for the conversation:

Gillian Hnatiw litigator in the infamous Ghomeshi case, feminist, principal at Gillian Hnatiw & Co.and Chair at Women's Legal Education and Action Fund. Just to name a few highlights

Farrah Khan Frontline anti-sexual violence worker, gender justice advocate, feminist, queer mama, Manager ofConsent Comes 1st, Director Possibility Seed and Co-Founder Femifesto. We could go on.

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