Read 009
Read 009
November 2018
Spaces Queen W
7pm 9pm

Grow with it: The High Level on Cannabis for Women It happened.

It’s legal. But are you growing with it? 420 culture is a thing of the past. Cannabis is here to help you heal, sleep, relax, laugh, orgasm – to name a few. And this is where Bad Girls come in, let us be your guide to cannabis enlightenment.

Join us at Read 009 on November 11 for a comprehensive night of discussion on all things cannabis pertinent to the savvy Bad Girl. Led by Erin Klassen - founder of Toronto-based publisher With/out Pretend and the co-editor of Latitude - a well-versed cannabis aficinada to say the least.

Bring your toughest questions and realest feelings and we'll being the wine!

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