Read 003
Read 003
August 2017
The Broadview
7pm 9pm

We're having an Estrogen Party on the East End - tell all your gal pals.

The much-talked about and sparkly brand new Broadview Hotel is opening its doors to the Bad Girls for our third instalment of Wine + Women + Words.

Join us for a discussion on our selected Read, 'Men Without Women' by Haruki Murakami |The new collection of short stories from Japanese literary icon Haruki Murakami, might be a perfect introduction to the writer’s work. The seven stories highlight most of Murakami’s approaches and themes, his foibles and tropes. The stories include both the realistic and the fantastic, the two strands of Murakami’s fiction, and feature such Murakami obsessions as bars, the Beatles, jazz, stories within stories, literary homages and, well, men. Lots of men .

The evening also features a panel discussion on the Power Of Female featuring honorary Bad Gals - beauty master Veronica Chu | health and fitness queen Beverley Cheng | lingerie maestro Mary Young.

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